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Septic Pumping

Septic pumping or cleaning should be part of the regular maintenance you perform on your septic system. It's not always best to wait for a problem to happen like a back up into the house or lateral field failure. Preventative maintenance can keep your septic tank and system working properly. We suggest you clean your tank every 2-3 years. In situations where a large number of people are using a small septic tank, it is not uncommon to have the tank pumped annually or even more frequently. If the septic tank is neglected, solids will overflow from the tank and into the leaching system. This will result in clogged leach lines, contaminated soil, and ultimately leach failure.

Call us today to schedule you tank pumping/cleaning.

We offer all types of industrial and septic tank cleaning and pumping. No job is too large or messy for us. We provide cleaning and pumping of pits and vats of all kinds, specializing in septic tank pumping and treatment.

Want to keep things running smoothly? Our Bio-Active septic tank treatment and pumping service will keep your tank functioning at its best. Let our team provide you with reliable service for all your septic pumping needs!

Our technicians are septic experts; they are courteous and well trained. Septic tank pumping requires a small section of your yard to be dug up; we are proud of the way we put things back just as we found them.   We attribute our success as a company to our attitude about cleanliness.   Our job is to ensure your septic system is properly maintained and to assist you with any septic issues.

The three reasons to be diligent about septic pumping maintenance are:

Bacteria must be present

They are very sensitive to many home care products and commonly used chemicals. We call these products and chemicals "Anti Septics". If the bacteria are killed or not present in sufficient numbers to digest the floating layer and maintain its size, these harmful solids will exit your tank, clog your leaching field and harm the environment.

Anti Septics include:

Today many ecologically-safe home care products are available, and we encourage our customers to exercise good judgement to insure the proper operation of their mini treatment plant.

Yeast, Baking Soda and Taboos

Rural leaching of waste has been around for a long time and many myths exist. Yeast, when added to your septic system, merely provides a "fermentation" environment. Yeast does not provide bacteria. Baking soda raises pH in your septic tank. It provides no bacteria. In fact, raising the pH of your septic tank too much can actually harm the septic process. We encourage you and all our customers to call us for factual information before trying home remedies.

Septic systems are tough mini treatment plants. Properly designed and installed, they function flawlessly. They are organic, natural and kind to the environment.

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